We are working to extend our lineup of Green products, featuring environmentally friendly friction materials.

Brake Pad

Our range includes Non-asbestos organic formula, low-metallic and semi-metallic materials for passenger cars, light trucks, taxi and sports vehicles. Ceramic fiber and titanate reinforced fiber brake pads present stable friction, long life, less fade, noiseless, less dust and excellent driving. The friction coefficient can reach 0.4μ while in temperature 400℃.

Brake Shoe

We provide brake shoes for an extensive range from light to heavy-duty vehicles. Our advanced analysis technology to create products with high levels of functionality and quality.

Brake Lining

Non-asbestos ceramic lining with excellency in durability that can retain a thermal stability even at high temperatures are used for trucks and buses.

Brake Disc Rotor

We provide wide range of brake disc rotors for passenger cars, off roaders and trucks. As an international manufacturer, quality is in high priority in all aspects, including design, production and assembly. Our brake disc rotors are ventilated and their surface with rust-preventing coating. These disc make up the range of “standard” in our product line, while the majority of manufacturers supply such discs by higher quality, in “premium” line.

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